Coros is growing its software group. We have teams working on embedded systems, computer vision, machine learning, mobile applications, and web interfaces and services. Each of those teams welcomes the opportunity to mentor students through participation in our projects. These are paid positions.

We use a variety of tools, which we regularly evaluate to make sure developer productivity is protected, if not enhanced. We rely heavily on automation. For intern and co-op positions, we know that you are learning your first (or second) set of tools and will attempt to match projects to what you know or are planning to learn.

You should not hesitate to apply if your background is adjacent to traditional software development, like site reliability engineering, computer engineering, or a quantitative academic discipline. We welcome interns at any point in their college or university education.

Coros is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, but our software group and processes support remote work and work-from-home. We believe we can provide a challenging remote intern experience if in-person attendance is not possible for you. Work authorization for the USA is required.